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Understand your business in a whole new way with FIT CAT Dealer Reports

Analysis business related processes, performance, efficiency is a key for all business areas. FIT HEM template provides aggregated, customizable SAP BW reports to manage most important HEM business specific reports from operational up to management levels. As reporting requirements are always changing, and new requests are coming, BW enables customers to manage reports also internally to save cost, and time. Above BW report also standard CRM, ERP reports are available to support on-demand, operations reporting needs.

Rely on reports to help you gain a clear picture of your business. Design and deliver meaningful reports based on data from virtually any source – and give internal users, customers, and partners the information they need in the reporting format of their choice.

  • Quickly create highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports
  • Connect to data sources across your organization – directly or through a common semantic layer
  • Deliver operational reporting that can help you make day-to-day business decisions
  • Give personalized reports to users in their preferred language, format, and delivery method
Reports for Dealers;
  1. Sales funnel
  2. RUN actual-budget sales reports (Budget figures are loaded from EXCEL)
  3. Sales rep. activities reports
  4. Opportunity reports
  5. Customer support reports etc.

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