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Our MRP Module is designed by taking CAT’s DBS logic into account. The basic idea behind this is to design a new SAP interface for DBS logic that works integrated with other logistic and financial modules in SAP.

For that purpose many master data tables, programs and interfaces are defined and some new planning parameters are introduced to standard SAP planning logic in order to have an MRP process that is tailored for CAT’s Parts Planning Concept.

Below functionalities are covered in our solution;

  • Stores could be designed as Plants (n Plants), or as Storage Locations (1 Plant and n storage locations under that plant.
  • No limitations for part code number
  • No limitations for Plants and Storage Location number
  • Design of supply chain organization and building the relations (hierarchy) between stores
  • Record Type management and automatic/manual update process
  • Managing stocking & destocking decisions
  • Managing parts’ CAT data like Activity Indicator, D/N Price, Price Limit, Major Code, Minor code, Commodity Code, Returnable/NonReturnable Indicator, etc.
  • Call Demand Lost Sales Data capturing and automatic update process
  • Calculation of minimum – maximum stock levels on store level, based on Poisson Distribution
  • Surpluss Management and reuse of excess stock for other stores’ requirements
  • Procurement planning from CAT
  • Consideration of Replacements
  • Automated 1:N replacement
  • Excess Stock transfer release process
  • Abnormal Sales Order indicator in Call Demand Process
  • Return sales in call demand calculation
  • Matrix determination: Group of PPC codes and group of Vendor
  • Historical data archiving method change & Multiple go live date with historical data
  • Integration with SD, MM and CRM (for lost sales only)

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